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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Historical and Panoramic Diary of Andaman --11.1013 to 17.10.13

Exploring Andaman ...Its History, Evolution & Beauty

On July I had a sudden proposal for visiting Andaman and I accept it in no time since I have a childhood crush about this island. Its not like exploring an unknown beautiful place of interest but its like a mythical place to me. when I was in primary school one of my aunty (Kalyani Dasgupta) , my mother's senior colleague influenced me a lot about Indian National Movement , Swadeshi movement, Patriotic revolt in Bengal against the then British Raj and I was thrilled. So its a natural enthusiasm from the core of my heart that fuels to accept the chance of exploring 'The Island' of my childhood Story/ fantacy rather, specially the Cellular Jail and its pathetic history.

There are 574 islands in the entire Andaman,but only 36 islands are allowed to visit. 
Total 6 tribes are there :- Jarwas , Onge, Sentinelis Mongoloid , Sampens, Nicobaries, Great Andamanies. According to latest sensus of tribal population there are 240 Jarwas, 99 Onge , 32 Great Andamanies, 200 Sampens, 250 Sentinelies mongoloid and 30,000 Nicobaries.
There are 3 Drinking (sweet)water rivers :- Alexzandria , Galtiya and Kalong. The Oldest Saw mill in Asia is Chatham Saw mill.

On 11.10.13 we (Namita masi, Shanta masi, Bidhan kaku with his family , Mampi and her father , my mother and Me ) 8 members of 'Dishari Tours and Travel' set off on kolkata-Port Blair boarding SpiceJet flight at 11.45am. After recahing Vinayak Damodar Savarkar International Airport ,Port Blair on 2 pm we found cloudy atmosphere there and then reached Hotel A.G around 3 pm . We were told to be ready within 4.30 pm to go to Corvyn Cove Beach and then the Cellular Jail for its evening Light and sound show. Corvyn Cove beach is really exotic. I took some evening snap from a watch tower. The setting Sun made the entire scenery awesome. Then at 6.30 we reached Cellular Jail and I was spell bound to see the place of my interest. The show started at 7.15 pm after much hue and cry in line for tickets. The show was about the foundation of the jail to the post British condition. The old Peepul tree was the Story teller and when it spoke about the history and our martyrs' pathetic life in Jail I couldn't help weeping. 

On 12.10.13 our journey was started at 6.30 am towards Baratang. After checking at Jirkatang post we got permission to enter in the Jarwa area of 51 km. Its really a suspense to go amidst the deep dark rain forest on both side and in the middle runs our convoy ! On the way we found 6 Jarwas ( 1couple, 1 old man with 1 child, 2 youths with bows and arrows) and their huts in the far deep jungle. We were fortunate enough to see them closely. They are not savage now, they are adapted enough to the civilized society. In Baratang we set off for an adventurous journey towards the Lime-Stone cave amidst the Rain forest .The path was slippery and rough full of many poisonous insects and reptiles and we kept walking.. 3km walking distance is not a joke ! Many imaginary statues were built naturally by the chemical reaction of lime-stone and water. We got bak to the jetty in the afternoon we had our lunch.
On 13.10.13 we left hotel at 6 am for Havlock island through M.V Coastal Cruize ship. It was an exciting experience on the cruize and seeing Fling fish , Dolphins and many other marine beauties. Radhanagar beach is famous for its beauty and sun bath. Its one of the best sun-kissed beach &  I had a sea bath there. The water was clearer beyond imagination. Then we went Nile island and stay for one night. Nile is famous for glass boating for visiting beautiful coral and snorkeling. Seeing Coral was a thrilling experience.
On 14.10.13 7.30am M.V Coastal Cruize departed from Nile's Old jetty and off for Port Blair . On the way we saw North bay island and its light house , behind it stands the Mt. Harriot ( 2nd highest peak in Andaman, 1st is Saddle peak). Bharatpur beach in Nile island was spectacular with setting sun and its yellowish light.the Sun set point beauty is unforgettable.
On 15.10.13 we visited Cellular Jail. A pathetic yet thrilling experience that I had while listening the story from our guide.But 1 hr was not sufficient to explore that myth. When I touched the bars, locks and the name plates of the convicts, tears trickled down from my eyes with out my knowledge. The feeling was beyond description. We searched for the name Nagen Dasgupta ( elder brother of my aunt Kalyani Dasgupta) who was one of the 692 convicts and an active freedom fighter and at last we found his name with cell no. 203 and his photo in the Jail museum . 
At noon we went to Samudrika Museum, Anthropology Museum and Sagarika market complex.. In the afternoon we went to Ross island to see debrish of British colony, printing press, power house, Church , cemetry, water purifier and lotus pond. Ross island is full of deer, peacocks and rabbits. Rajib Gandhi water complex jetty was neat and clean with exotic view of sea. 
On 16.10.13 at 8.30 am we set out for Red Skin / Jolly bouy island. its famous for red corals, yellow corals and other marine beauty. there we had a panoramic experience to fetch the yellow and red coral by glass boating. 
17.10.13 was our day of saying 'goodbye' to Andaman. We were asked to check out at 10 am but I and mother secretly left hotel at 7.30 am again for Cellular Jail. The previous day we missed to visit Art gallery and Netaji Gallery in the entrance of the jail. For 1.30hr I roamed around all the gallery , took various snaps and then came out with heavy and pinching heart.

Our return flight was at 1.45pm . Through out the way I kept memorizing about the spectacular view of the land of my dream. Its a land that is cordially connected with our independence history, our biological forefathers , the human evolution (Tribals) and marine beauty of colourful corals...To me, Visiting Andaman is a Bliss of Solitude !
The Cellular Jail

The two wings of the Jail and the chairs are for light-n-sound show

panoramic view from the roof of the Jail
Colourful Corals

replica of convicts with different types of chains
The nocturnal view of jail during light-n-sound show

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gender Disorder


Oflate bengal's famous athlete Ms.Pinki Pramanik is in News for
attempting to rape her 3 yrs love partner, a separated-married woman
with a child ! After 3 long yrs of their volenteered conjugal life,the
lady now accused that Pinki has raped her !
the question is if it is Rape by chance or instinct, then how come the
victim record their love making scene & submitted the private video
footage to the police ?

Anyway, The main point is,Focus on Rape allegation has been suddenly
changed into Focus on Sex-determination of the accused Pinki !
Coming from a poor family of Purulia dist Pinki Pramanik has been
growing up as 'female' child, became a 'Female' athlete with
international repute, received many awards & prizes including the Gold
Medal for champion in Doha Asian games in 2006 and the Silver Medal
for Champion in Melbourne Commonwealth Games for 4x400 mt.Relay Race
in the same year. besides at the age of 18 she got govt.job in Indian
Rail through her athlete quota. but now she has been suspended and
threatened to lose all her hard-earned honour and awards.
Everyday Media and Public are continuously discussing and abusing
Pinki's physiq and her sexual life openly without caring about her
reputation,social status and of course, her Privacy.
Is it just because of her identity disorder problem? or for her poor
family status?

Pinki is not the first one having such gender-disorder syndrome. In
India there are million of people living with such problem without any
question. In Art and Film Industry lots of famous personalities are
living luxurious lives with their chromosomal contradiction, but Pinki
is being humiliated publicly due to her low-profile lifestyle and lack
of higher authority contacts.

If allegation is proved then Pinki must be punished in a legal way and
treated like an ordinary accused . But publicly humiliation regarding
her gender and sexual life is undoubtedly a violation of Human Right.
Everyone is different in colour and manner of living, Everyone has
right to live life in their own style without poking others.

We neither support a Rapist (If proved), nor the way an accused is
treated like animal in a cage !
Identity disorder is a medical problem and not a fault of Pinki. she
is not responsible for her physiq. but in digital media we all have
seen that she is treated brutally. when a police man squeezes Pinki's
chest in order to show 'her' manhood - it is horribly violent act
which is objectionable. Nobody has right to make others naked in front
of others neither to indulge in savage celebration of somebody's
identity crisis.
We  must raise our voice against all kind of rape attempt, oppression
to women and also this type of inhuman activities in the name of
justice-seeking agitation !

Thursday, February 2, 2012

৩৬ তম কলকাতা বইমেলার কালোদিন

সরকার আসে ,সরকার যায়
তসলিমা তুমি কোথায় ?

গতকাল কলকাতা বইমেলায় আবার প্রমানিত হল, বাঙালি আজও 'আত্মঘাতী'। জয়পুর সাহিত্য উতসবে এবছর যখন সলমান রূশদির video conference বাতিল নিয়ে সারা বিশ্বে ভারত সরকারের নিন্দা হচ্ছে, প্রতিবাদ , তর্ক-বিতর্ক হচ্ছে তাত্ত্বিক মহলে, আমরা বাঙালিরা তখন মুখ টিপে হাসছিলাম, আর কাগজের পাতা উলটে অন্য খবরে মন দিচ্ছিলাম। আর গতকাল আমাদের অতিপ্রিয় কলকাতা বইমেলায় লেখক তসলিমা নাসরিনের আত্মজীবনীর ৭ম খন্ড 'নির্বাসন' এর আনুষ্ঠানিক প্রকাশের অনুষ্ঠান গিল্ড কর্ত্তৃপক্ষ অন্যায় ভাবে বাতিল  করে দিল, তখনও আমরা বিস্মিত, হতবাক হলাম, আর দেখলাম 'ইস', আর 'চুক চুক' ছাড়া মুখ দিয়ে আর কিছু বেরোল না! আমাদের চামড়া আজ এতই মোটা হয়ে গিয়েছে যে এর চেয়ে বেশি কিছু যে করতে পারি , তা ভাবতেই কেমন কেমন লাগে ।
কলকাতা বইমেলার কর্তারা এই হীন আচরণের দ্বারা এরাজ্যের ট্রাডিশনাল কাপুরুষতা, ভীরুতা ও মৌলবাদিদের তাঁবেদারির লজ্জাকর মুকুটে আরো একটি পালক যুক্ত করল। ধন্যবাদ ।।
২০০৭ সালে cpm র কালো রাজনীতি শুধুমাত্র মুসলিম ভোটব্যাঙ্কের দিকে তাকিয়ে তসলিমাকে ঘাড় ধাক্কা দিয়ে বের করে দিয়েছিল কলকাতা থেকে,  আজ ২০১২ এর পরিবর্তিত tmc সরকারও সেই একই পথে হেঁটে প্রমান করল তারা উভয়েই একই মুদ্রার দুইপিঠ । এ রাজ্যে আর যা কিছুরই পরিবর্তন হোক, তসলিমার ঘুটি আজও সাদা-কালো বোর্ডের বাইরে। তাঁর লেখনির সত্যতা যে মৌলবাদ ও তাদের পৃষ্ঠপোষক প্রশাসনের অম্বলের কারন এটা ধ্রুব সত্য। বারেবারে তা প্রমান করেছে এ রাজ্যের চালকগন ।
গতকাল যেভাবে মৌলবাদের উদ্ধত হুমকির ভয়ে অনুষ্ঠান বাতিল করা হল তাতে পশ্চিমবঙ্গের প্রশাসনের প্রহসন সহজেই চোখে পড়ে।যে স্বচ্ছ-সাহসী প্রশাসনের দাবীতে আমরা লাল পার্টিকে হারিয়ে সবুজ পার্টিকে গদিতে বসালাম, তারা পূর্বসুরির মতই সন্ধ্যেবেলা দাবী তুলল, 'নির্বাসন' ব্যান করার জন্য। মমতা পড়েছেন? প্রশাসকদের একজনও পড়েছেন বইটি? কি লেখা আছে তা জানে ক'জন? একটি সামান্য বই যদি একটি ইউনিভার্সাল ধর্মকে প্রশ্নের সামনে ফেলে দেয়, তবে সেই ধর্মের স্বীকৃতি, যোগ্যতা ও সমাজে প্রতিষ্ঠা নিয়ে '?' চিহ্ন থেকেই যায় না কি?
গিল্ড কর্ত্তৃপক্ষের বালখিল্য আচরণের  যখন ক্ষিপ্ত পাঠকমহল কন্ঠে কন্ঠ মিলিয়ে, হাতে হাত ধরে প্রতিবাদে সামিল হল, তখন কোথায় গেল বুদ্ধিজীবি সমাজ, যারা বর্তমান সরকারের বিভিন্ন গুরুত্বপূর্ণ পদে অধিষ্ঠিত? জয়পুরে রূশদি ইস্যু নিয়ে তারা 'বাইট' দিতে এগিয়ে আসেন, আর নিজের রাজ্যে, নিজের মাতৃভাষার লেখকের লেখা প্রকাশের অনুষ্ঠান অন্যায় ভাবে বাতিল হলে তারা সবাই ভাবমূর্তি রক্ষায় পিঠ বাঁচাতে গর্তে লুকালেন ! ধিক তবে সেই তাবত প্রগতিশীল সুশীল সমাজকে !২০০৭ তারা cpm প্রভাবে ঠিক যেমন যে স্থানে ছিলেন, আজ ২০১২ tmc যুগেও সেই ট্রাডিশন সমানে চলেছে।
নতুন সরকার কবর থেকে তুলে এনে সাহিত্যজগতের নামী-দামী ব্যক্তিত্ত্বদের বিভিন্ন গালভরা পুরস্কারে, সন্মানে ভুষিত করেছে কিছুদিন আগেই।রবীন্দ্রসংগীত শুনিয়ে, নজরুলের নামে একাডেমি বানিয়ে নিজেদের প্রগতিশীল, রুচিশীল সরকার বলে, যারা সাংস্কৃতিক প্রশাসক বলে দাবী করে, তারাই আজ আর একজন লেখকের কন্ঠরোধের ঘৃন্য মৌলবাদি চক্রান্তের কাছে মাথা নত করে ! হায় রে, এ কোথায় বাস করি আমরা? ধর্মঘটের রাজনীতি, ব্যানের দাবী নাকি ব্রাত্য এ সরকারে, অথচ গতকাল সরকারের মুখপত্র টিভি চ্যানেল সরব হল 'নির্বাসন' ব্যানের দাবীতে ! এত দ্বিচারিতা !ধিক, ধিক, ধিক !!
আরো আছে, সব ব্যাপারে CPM এর ভূত দেখা মা-মাটি-মানুষের সরকার গতকাল সতস্ফূর্তভাবে প্রতিবাদে সামিল হওয়া পাঠকসমাজ ও ভক্তকূল কেও দাগিয়ে দিল ওই ভূতেরই চামচে বলে! (মুকুল রায় বলেন, রাজ্য সরকার চায় না অশান্তি...cpm ই এসব করাচ্ছে।...) এসব বলতে শুধু যে মোল্লাদের হুমকি বোঝায় তাই নয়, তার বিরুদ্ধে বিক্ষুব্ধ প্রতিবাদও বোঝায়। এত অদ্ভুত সমাজ বোধহয় হিরক রাজ্যেও ছিল না যেখানে 'জানার কোনও শেষ নাই/ জানার চেষ্টা বৃথা তাই' বলে রাজা সকলকে টুপি পরাত। এখানে সরকার secularism এর মূখোশ পরে মোল্লাদের ইফতার পার্টি attend করে।  ইনশাল্লা, আশির্বাদ আর দোয়া খুব সতর্কভাবে উচ্চারিত হয় আমজনতা ও সংখ্যালঘুদের আলাদা আলাদা টুপি পরানোর জন্য । এখানে শুধু লেখকই নয়, তাঁর পাঠক ও ভক্তকূলও হয় political victims ! শুধু লেখার অধিকারই কাড়া হয়না, পড়ার অধিকারও কেড়ে নেওয়া হয়।
ভাষা দিবসের ২০দিন আগে মাতৃভাষায় মতপ্রকাশের অধিকার খুব নির্লজ্জভাবে কেড়ে নেওয়া হল, কিছু উন্মাদ দাঙ্গাবাজ দাড়ি-টুপিওয়ালা দের তুষ্ট করার জন্য । এর পরও কি তসলিমাকে প্রতিক্রিয়া দিতে হবে, নাকি আমরা বিবেক কে একবার প্রশ্ন করব?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

attending a training session on 'gender-equality issue'

last month I attended a training session on gender-equality as a teacher of a remote-area school. there I voiced for the equality of education & social right of both genders. that project is really a good step, and after two days orientation programme we learnt a lot. from the very beginning I catched evryone's attention as a speaker on this topic & as I belong from Muslim family, an otherwise backward class! My point of view was -
1. social barriers on female children , viz, family's unconciousness, parents indifference towards her education, considering girl-child as a burden of a family as well as society!
2. to solve this we can help a bit as a social worker, as we are the teacher - the maker of generations! To aware them we have to organise some campaign on the issue of education of girls, not only that we may arrenge a camp for the pregnant women & their in-laws to aware them about need of the birth of a girl child, b'coz at present India's gender-ratio is in demoralising state.

the next day our team raised voice on the implimentation of Women-laws regarding domestic violence, both physically & mentally.
1. we know the matter & fatal fate of Shahabanu Verdict. where inspite of law she had to suffer & accept the loopholes of Indian-judiciary system.

2. many of Shahabanu are exploited daily, how many of us have a knowldge about them? As a backward class the women exploitation is shocking in male dominating muslim society. Every muslim women is a victim of Shariyat Law, no matter whether she is from upper-middle class- an urban lady, or from a working class - a rustic lady, somewhere more; somewhere less but they are oppressed everywhere in the name of religion , gender or an imaginery inferiority, comparing the opposite sex!

3. the implimentation of law against polygamy of a govt-servc holder is still now a rediculous drama! How many of us have a knowledge that, a Man can have another marriage even after his retirement, at the age of 62 ! there can't be any wayout to check those womeniser bastards from taking 2-3 wives before their death,unless they check themselves from carnal desires. They are simply Puppet of Libido !
thats why a man of 63yrs can demand a wife although he has a young daughter of 24yrs!... he simply says that the Profet himself had 13 wives, so why not me!!

4. When I questioned about the Shariyat law & the inequal distribution of property among sons, daughters & their mother, 2 teachers(better to call them Fanatics!) from Urdu-School opposed me . they continuously claimed thet Islam permits women to take a share of paternal property, I raised my voiced "Howmuch?" "whats the percentage of sharing?" they became violent and refused to answer me, saying "Whatever the percentage is, no matter, but muslim women get some property & they must be happy with that half of sharing!!" I was shocked to find that the person who violently opposed me & arguing for the Shariyati law, was none but a Woman ! she was totally in a mood of defending her Allah & His laws- an ultimate Blasphemy!
one of my team teachers checked me to caught in a communal debate, otherwise what would happen, ..no idea!
 Hope a sunshine will soon come for the real welfare of women, otherwise I cant imagine howlong we have to stay in utter darkness of oppression, ignorance & homicide !

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taslima Issue- dillema of her residence permit

Of late Newspapers have 'interesting' topic on the Visa Permit of Taslima Nasreen-the controversial NAME! who make this Name Controversial? none but Media! I wonder, howmany days we have to wait to see this Name free from any controversy? howmany days more we have to wait in beated breath to see a grown up India, Dare to face the challenge! India was/is the asylum for all caste/creed/language/peole of different complexions/ideology. that should be the real FACE of a truely secular democracy.. but now in some recent political & social events Indian govt pay much heed to some Extremists & Fundamentalists who are in opposition of Human Right, Freedom of Speech, Right to information, & True voice of any Writer...Thats really a misfortune for Us. In India if secularism & Right to speech are included in the greatest Constitution then why a Humanist writer like Taslima suffers somuch trouble in the issue of her Residence-Permit?? just for her Unbearable Truth-telling nature! or becoz of Her gender, or more precisely just because She is a Muslim Lady who dare to declare her logical criticism against the orthodoxy of that religion??
The verdict against her is so corrupted that even some Bombasting words are placed in her lips without her permission to increase the Fuel of Controvery..The Shameless face of Media!!
If Media is the powerful communicator among mass, they should be nutral not politically correct...otherwise it is clearly a Deth-Sentence for a secular humanist...very unfortunate for Secular Indian govt. If that BOLD lady has the power to face the music, then Why The OLD politicians dont have the same??..

'Religion'--in its very basic definition

what is a Religion? a million dollar question in this war-mongering & irresistent World.
well, I think, "it is just a container to hold a similar community/caste in an enclosed rituals/disciplines,without any physical or mental bonding." In every religion there is one common message : 'To Spread Peace all over the mankind..Live and Let Live.' no matter whatever the wayout is. No religion supports Brutality,or, Inhumanity.
its like a 'Surakhsachakra' (a circled Line) to check the savegery of mankind. This very notion of religion is made to transform the whole mankind from Insanity to Humanity, from savegery to civilization, to distinguish a Beast And a Man..Moreover, Humanism is the utmost msg of a Religion,whoever its creator is. Actually none was the Creator of any Religion, it is the Creation of The Man, the Man & the Man only! So,There is no God, no Allah, No Durga/Kali/Shiv...if there was anyone its None But The Man Himself..
But after the civilization proccessing was over, man thought himself to be Civilized and Just gave in all its basic morality in the hand of God (the Brain-child of Man!) to feel secured! their wish, their demands, their grief & joy-- all are given in the Big hand of God!! Is it truly rational? God is in the Supreme Throne made by Man..and thinks Himself to be Allmighty!!..Where lies the logic?????
In this 21st century even, the Cyber age, the Highly Educated Genre,the men of science Are also transformed into mere puppets in the Hand of God! should we be silent,watching our dethroning from the logical mind setup?
Many people think that the Creation of this Universe was totally done by God..then what about Big-Bang theory? the primary link of life,i.e Amoeba? The mother of all lives,i.e Water? If there is anyone who demand his calibre in making the Lively Universe then,it is only NATURE!..yes! Nature has the sole right to demand that. No Adam/No Eve/No Satanic Apple can claim his might in the creation of World...any doubt?
Some of us think that the real source of this creation is in a dark still now..I suggest to sit wait& watch!! dont do anything , dont make your mind move towards a positive ideology..all your curiosity will be answered by Godpower!!
Todays World is somuch worried about the supremacy of Ram & Rahim, Josheph & Nanak, etc. So,there was Babri issue, Afganisthan Demolition, Irak War, Ram-Mandir clash&Jihad.ppl r burnt in Name ofGOD! He is now an object of silly business. Because of God there are Poverty, Superstition, Ignorance & Over population all over the world !!
Is there any Real Oracle to kill any Humanist if He/She criticise the orthodoxy of Religion? Is there any Humiliation if anyone point out the oppression, Under-estimation, and illogical norms of an orthodox religion?..if there is any problem then its proved that religion is only for those Fanatic people, not for the laymen.Their needs can't be fulfilled in the Hand of GOD. because He just relish the Pain of Tom-Dick-& Harry!!!
and for this brutalility & cowardness of God- the Great(!!) I discard His existence..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I WAS BORN WITH NO RELIGION--I'm Proud to be a Woman !

yes! I didnt have any religion when I was born at the very first day from my Mother's womb.
'A Muslim Girl'-- this epithet was forcedly imposed on me by the Patriarchy and that was not a mistake/My misfortune,Rather A BIG BLUNDER for a Secular Sate! no secular state can force its citizen to stick a level of caste at the moment of his/her Birth.Its truely non-democratic. And more pathetic is that though I am 'a Musilm Girl', I didn't get respect/care/love/rational treatment from the so called society. I was deserted by my father, coz, Islam doesn't permit girls to bury her father! no matter whether she is a single child. all credits go to the paternal relatives and they will get a large share of the dead-person's property,depriving the girl-child!
If this is what a religion teaches , then I discard that religion and feel very much proud being an Atheist / an Agnostic/person or whatever without the ominous bless of Religion!..
if Being A Girl Child was My fault..then I'm Truely A CRIMINAL! I feel proud & happy of my gender. I believe, its only girls who can creat a better World as they are the only Creative sex (in baring a child,decorating house,management of domesticity & obviously in professional execllency!), women are surely a 'HOME-maker' at the very true level of its meaning..so, I tresure My Girl-Hood..Its my asset.
My only Identity is that, "I'm an Indian Lady."
..no religion has any impact on my personality...Thats All.