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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I WAS BORN WITH NO RELIGION--I'm Proud to be a Woman !

yes! I didnt have any religion when I was born at the very first day from my Mother's womb.
'A Muslim Girl'-- this epithet was forcedly imposed on me by the Patriarchy and that was not a mistake/My misfortune,Rather A BIG BLUNDER for a Secular Sate! no secular state can force its citizen to stick a level of caste at the moment of his/her Birth.Its truely non-democratic. And more pathetic is that though I am 'a Musilm Girl', I didn't get respect/care/love/rational treatment from the so called society. I was deserted by my father, coz, Islam doesn't permit girls to bury her father! no matter whether she is a single child. all credits go to the paternal relatives and they will get a large share of the dead-person's property,depriving the girl-child!
If this is what a religion teaches , then I discard that religion and feel very much proud being an Atheist / an Agnostic/person or whatever without the ominous bless of Religion!..
if Being A Girl Child was My fault..then I'm Truely A CRIMINAL! I feel proud & happy of my gender. I believe, its only girls who can creat a better World as they are the only Creative sex (in baring a child,decorating house,management of domesticity & obviously in professional execllency!), women are surely a 'HOME-maker' at the very true level of its, I tresure My Girl-Hood..Its my asset.
My only Identity is that, "I'm an Indian Lady." religion has any impact on my personality...Thats All.

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  1. Although the mystery of this huge creation is still unknown to mankind, this is not applicable for the creation of the religions. Researchers were able to find out how every religion was created – no religion is created by God, all religious norms and customary are simply framed by human based on a particular socio-economic & socio-geographical conditions at the time of coding of that particular religion. Most of the cases the original scriptures are modified, appended, some parts deleted by human being over that time according to the changes happened in human civilizations.
    But quite surprisingly, except few, most of the religions have a single common denominator – domination of male gender towards female gender. Women were regarded as some consumable items, as some property which belongs to and only belongs to men. Instead of worshiping god and uphealing the spirituality of people, religion creators gave much more attention to hijacking the morality of the society in their own hand. But in the post modern era, there happened a massive intrinsic revolution in the communication and information technology (thanks to world wide web – the second epoch making invention in human civilization after ‘fire’), now 5 billion human being of the globe can incessantly interact and share ideas with each other, can verify the truth of anything with few clicks of mouse…… and the morality is being rescued from the hijackers to whom it actually belongs to :)
    By the way, I am a strong believer of God (not religion), and I do believe that my god gave me power & ability to unveil this truth…..