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Sunday, April 11, 2010

'Religion'--in its very basic definition

what is a Religion? a million dollar question in this war-mongering & irresistent World.
well, I think, "it is just a container to hold a similar community/caste in an enclosed rituals/disciplines,without any physical or mental bonding." In every religion there is one common message : 'To Spread Peace all over the mankind..Live and Let Live.' no matter whatever the wayout is. No religion supports Brutality,or, Inhumanity.
its like a 'Surakhsachakra' (a circled Line) to check the savegery of mankind. This very notion of religion is made to transform the whole mankind from Insanity to Humanity, from savegery to civilization, to distinguish a Beast And a Man..Moreover, Humanism is the utmost msg of a Religion,whoever its creator is. Actually none was the Creator of any Religion, it is the Creation of The Man, the Man & the Man only! So,There is no God, no Allah, No Durga/Kali/Shiv...if there was anyone its None But The Man Himself..
But after the civilization proccessing was over, man thought himself to be Civilized and Just gave in all its basic morality in the hand of God (the Brain-child of Man!) to feel secured! their wish, their demands, their grief & joy-- all are given in the Big hand of God!! Is it truly rational? God is in the Supreme Throne made by Man..and thinks Himself to be Allmighty!!..Where lies the logic?????
In this 21st century even, the Cyber age, the Highly Educated Genre,the men of science Are also transformed into mere puppets in the Hand of God! should we be silent,watching our dethroning from the logical mind setup?
Many people think that the Creation of this Universe was totally done by God..then what about Big-Bang theory? the primary link of life,i.e Amoeba? The mother of all lives,i.e Water? If there is anyone who demand his calibre in making the Lively Universe then,it is only NATURE!..yes! Nature has the sole right to demand that. No Adam/No Eve/No Satanic Apple can claim his might in the creation of World...any doubt?
Some of us think that the real source of this creation is in a dark still now..I suggest to sit wait& watch!! dont do anything , dont make your mind move towards a positive ideology..all your curiosity will be answered by Godpower!!
Todays World is somuch worried about the supremacy of Ram & Rahim, Josheph & Nanak, etc. So,there was Babri issue, Afganisthan Demolition, Irak War, Ram-Mandir clash&Jihad.ppl r burnt in Name ofGOD! He is now an object of silly business. Because of God there are Poverty, Superstition, Ignorance & Over population all over the world !!
Is there any Real Oracle to kill any Humanist if He/She criticise the orthodoxy of Religion? Is there any Humiliation if anyone point out the oppression, Under-estimation, and illogical norms of an orthodox religion?..if there is any problem then its proved that religion is only for those Fanatic people, not for the laymen.Their needs can't be fulfilled in the Hand of GOD. because He just relish the Pain of Tom-Dick-& Harry!!!
and for this brutalility & cowardness of God- the Great(!!) I discard His existence..


  1. Revolutionary article, has scope of lots of debate…!

  2. yes! may be it has a revolutionary message to reform the war-mongering society, and the fanatics! I write what I feel in my small but dramatic life-span...