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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taslima Issue- dillema of her residence permit

Of late Newspapers have 'interesting' topic on the Visa Permit of Taslima Nasreen-the controversial NAME! who make this Name Controversial? none but Media! I wonder, howmany days we have to wait to see this Name free from any controversy? howmany days more we have to wait in beated breath to see a grown up India, Dare to face the challenge! India was/is the asylum for all caste/creed/language/peole of different complexions/ideology. that should be the real FACE of a truely secular democracy.. but now in some recent political & social events Indian govt pay much heed to some Extremists & Fundamentalists who are in opposition of Human Right, Freedom of Speech, Right to information, & True voice of any Writer...Thats really a misfortune for Us. In India if secularism & Right to speech are included in the greatest Constitution then why a Humanist writer like Taslima suffers somuch trouble in the issue of her Residence-Permit?? just for her Unbearable Truth-telling nature! or becoz of Her gender, or more precisely just because She is a Muslim Lady who dare to declare her logical criticism against the orthodoxy of that religion??
The verdict against her is so corrupted that even some Bombasting words are placed in her lips without her permission to increase the Fuel of Controvery..The Shameless face of Media!!
If Media is the powerful communicator among mass, they should be nutral not politically correct...otherwise it is clearly a Deth-Sentence for a secular humanist...very unfortunate for Secular Indian govt. If that BOLD lady has the power to face the music, then Why The OLD politicians dont have the same??..


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  2. Taslima made us proud both in national & international diasporas. Not all Indian who are Indian by birth can make us proud – some Indian also involved in antinational activities & terrorism, but their citizenship were never challenged.
    In 2008, the PM of India told in parliament that “India’s glorious tradition of welcoming people irrespective of caste, community and religion will continue, whatever be the odds. The atmosphere of hate being perpetuated by a small segment within the country will not prevent us from persisting with this tradition. We recognize Taslima Nasreen’s right to remain in a country of her choice, viz, India in this case. She should also have the option to choose which ever city or state she chooses.” – but in practice, when it comes to implementing his promise, he always kept his silence.
    India should give an honorary citizenship to Dr. Taslima Nasreen without any delay, which is the demand of majority of its people.

  3. Your post makes me think - Taslima Nasreen and you, both are ex-Muslim. (And even I am also an ex-Muslim like you. I embraced atheism when I was in class four. But I became a real atheist when I was 13. After 3 years from then, I read her books and poems. And I was just thrilled to know such a truthful person is still living on earth.)
    As being a person from Muslim family, I know how Islam treats women and people of other religion. I know what Muslims think about non-Muslims. I know what kind of thoughts they have on their heart.
    So I know from my own feelings and experiences that Taslima Nasreen told no lie nor any wrong. And I know this is not only a problem of Islam, but all other religions - as she told in "No country for wemen (Narir Kono Desh Nei)". I feel her ideology is nothing Eutopic. Otherwise we could not take born. As I am born, as you are born, as I and you - both are supporting her and both are ex-Muslim like her, it means her works are not failure.
    I agree totally with the post also. I always felt one thing about Taslima Nasreen - there has been so much false scandals made by media on Taslima Nasreen. I think the cause is religion. Since she always speaks against it, religious evils never wait to lie and spread those things by media. There was a MOULANA named Habibur Rahman who declared the price of her head as 50000 BDT in the last decade. Now he is completely denying it and telling - her head costs even not a single penny to me! And after that, he is adding - If the present government tries to bring her back, there will bloodshed all over the Bangladesh. I am so ashamed of my country. still It is lead by Mullahs. The MAOLANA named Habibur Rahman made his name famous by issuing fatwa on her head. Now he is one of the main Islamic leader of this country.
    My respect for you, Saritadi .

  4. Thanks for ur precious support, Tomoso.
    Its surely a misfortune to the orthodox & fanatic Bangladesh govt.(no matter whoever is on the chair Khaleda/ Hasina) all of the politicians are very much concious about the Votebank, & not about The disease of Society.i.e the Fundamentalists'irresistency! Yes! Her dream of having a secular,classless & religion-biasness-less society will be made by people like You,like Me & like other free-thinkers.."I dream of a beautiful world where no women will be oppressed"--if this is what she prays every second then its our resposibility to carry Her Flag of "Humanism"...I'm ready to do it..are you????